Our Goal

Giagiu' is a corner of gastronomic paradise in the heart of Salerno., where the art of hospitality merges with the authentic flavors of our territory.

Here every pizza tells a story. made up of age-old traditions, local businesses, and small producers who, with passion and dedication, cultivate and transform the finest raw materials from the 8 southern regions

Our mission is clear: to enhance and defend the identity and excellences of the South, offering our guests an unforgettable culinary experience, immersed in a refined and welcoming atmosphere.

At the center of this vision is Ciro Pecoraro, co-founder and master pizza chef of Giagiu'.

Ciro is the connecting link between the love for pizza, an iconic element of our land, and that for the history and traditions of southern Italy.

For him, pizza is not just a dish, but a symbol of pride and resistance.

His relentless search for the best local raw materials, his commitment to collaborating exclusively with suppliers closely tied to the territory, aims to promote and preserve our riches, in the broadest sense of the term.

Ciro is not just a pizza chef, but an ambassador of southern culture. Through his skilled hands, the oven at Giagiu' becomes a stage where the melodies and rhythms of tradition are performed, creating edible works of art that touch the soul and delight the palate.

We invite you to join us, to immerse yourself in passion and tradition, and to celebrate together the invaluable beauty of our south.